What We Do

So you’ve probably found us because you’re already a diver or want to be a diver and live in the Putney area, right?

Crazy as it seems, our friendly local dive club in the (almost) heart of London sees our fair share of water action. Malta, Kenya, Tenerife … Weymouth, Plymouth and the Farne Islands are only some of the near and far diving havens we’ve dipped our dry suits into recently.

We’re local, we’re volunteers, we’re veterans and beginners – often opinionated, sometimes wrong, often not. We’re British, we’re Scottish, we’re Australian, we’re French – we work with rocks and taxis and engineers and politicians.

We dive, we love it – and most importantly we’re run by us, and we are always looking for new members.

Diving in the UK

Despite the cold, the weather and the wind – there is some genuinely fantastic UK diving to be had.  UK waters are renowned for their variety of shipwrecks – with more wrecks per mile of coastline than anywhere in the world. The UK also boasts a diverse array of marine life, you can dive with seals and basking sharks, explore reefs with their myriad of fish or marvel at ornate soft corals or kelp forests.

In the club we arrange many different trips across the UK, such as day trips to the South coast, weekends away in Devon or Cornwall, or a week away in Scotland. We also have our own club boat which gives us the freedom to organise dive trips wherever and whenever we like. In recent years we have visited PlymouthLundy, the Isle of Wight, Weymouth, Scapa Flow, the Sound of Mull and the Farne Islands amongst others.

To find out what trips we have planned this year visit the club calendar.

Diving Abroad

We don’t just confine our diving to the UK, we try to have at least a couple of trips aboard each year to enjoy diving at its most spectacular in crystal clear tropic waters. In the last few years we have visited the Red Sea, TenerifeMalta, Iceland and Kenya. Some of our members have even made it to Truk, Micronesia and the Galapagos Islands.

Pub ‘n’ Grub

Not everything in the club is about diving – someone once accused us of actually being a drinking club.  The cheek!

Jokes aside – we do have our share of social activities, after all there’s only so many dives you can do in a day. We meet every Tuesday night at our social club in Putney after training – and we’d love to have you along.

We also organise other events throughout the year – and children and partners are most welcome to join us.  We do dinners, trips to the races, a summer BBQ, the Christmas party of course and much, much more.

So if you’re new to London, or old in London and fancy picking up or renewing the love of an old hobby – make Putney BSAC your new ‘Tuesday night thing’.