Farne Islands – October 2012

Yet another pilgrimage to Farnes took place this year – it was “sealy” good and as always on the PSAC trip – a great fun. Diving was with Lee Hall’s Farnes Diver boat (the one with a bit smokier engine – but for the records – with toilet and good divers lift). When Lee asked me what we want to do I answered with 3 aims: seals, seals and seals.

The weather (just above 0 at last day, with half day called off on Sunday) and visibility (you could see your own fins but not much more) made the last year’s trip looks like a tropic dream and reminded all of us what the diving in UK is about, however yes there were seals – you could see them latest when they bit your head or your camera – see picture below – but everybody got some playtime with these beautiful creatures.

Pete's made a new friend

A special price goes here to Tor who mastered these challenging conditions with bravery and enjoyed her first dives in the sea with her new dry-suit – see her portrait with Steve on the right.

What you cannot see on the pictures:

  1. New groundbreaking fin-less dive attempted by Pete.
  2. Water cooled dry-suit  system setup by Rob (poor Rob had to survive the next half day in his short trousers and at just above 1 degree).
  3. Michal chased away by the seals
  4. a group of 40 seals chased away by John and lot more. All in all – a typical fun of a PSAC trip. As per planning there will be no trip to Farnes next year (only because we aim even more to the north) but as for me I’m looking forward for 2014!