If you’re new to diving and would like to try it, we offer a one-hour £20 try dive in the pool with one of our instructors. This is deducted from your membership when you join.


The club operates an annual membership model, beginning on the 1st March. The first year of all memberships (except social membership) is calculated pro-rata to the nearest whole month.

The following membership options are available as of 1st January 2022:

Membership joining fee per year
Full £50.00 £125.00
Instructors £50.00 £100.00
Students * £50.00 £90.00
Social only free £5.00

* Students must be able to produce evidence of course enrollment

BSAC membership required in addition, can be arranged via the club (see pricing)

Equipment (in the pool)

The club has a one hour slot on Tuesdays at 7:30pm.

Use of the pool and any equipment during this time is free of charge for members.

Tanks at the pool are filled by the equipment officer as needed. To cover the cost members pay £3 for each pool session when they use a tank, with the exception of:

  • Trainee Ocean Divers within the first 12 months of membership
  • Instructors during instruction

Equipment (elsewhere)

Members may also borrow equipment for use outside the pool. The following equipment is available for loan:

Item per item per day
BCD £5.00
Regulator £5.00
Tank £5.00
Timer free
Weight free
Mask free
Fins (full-foot) free
  • Charges are per day used, rather than per day spent out of the storage locker
  • Equipment may only be borrowed with prior approval from the equipment officer
  • Equipment must be returned before the next pool training session (Tuesdays, 7pm)
  • All tanks must be returned full, regardless of whether they were full to start with

On return, please ensure you transfer the fees to the treasurer and let them know what funds are for.


The club owns a RHIB for use by its members. Each member using the boat must pay £5 per day. All fuel tanks must be returned full, regardless of whether they were full to start with.

Training incidentals

Training throughout different levels takes place in the pool and in open water. The pool costs are outlined above, but there will be some charges for other sites, which the trainee is expected to cover for both themselves and their instructor, such as:

  • Transport to the dive site
  • Entry to the dive site, usually £10-20/diver/day for an inland site
  • Air fills for the trainee and for the instructor, as above
  • Equipment loan for the trainee, as above
  • Boat charter, if necessary

A trainee diver will be expected to independently source the remaining equipment which the club cannot provide, which in UK waters tends to include hood, gloves, boots, open-heel fins and a thick wetsuit or drysuit. These can often be rented at dive sites, and members of the club will be able to advise on how to acquire them otherwise.