Chairperson – Brian Long

Plays an important role as leader and figurehead in the organisation and in the conduct of Branch affairs, their formal role is to chair Branch Committee meetings.

Diving Officer – Michal Benko

The representative of the National Diving Office at branch level. Governs diving conduct within the club and promotes safe diving.

Secretary – Liam Doyle

Responsible for ensuring an efficient level of communication between Branch Committee and membership; and between the Branch and BSAC.

Treasurer – Andrew Chornyy

Responsible for the sound financial management of the Branch, planning and monitoring Branch income. Preparing reports for the Branch’s AGM.

Membership Secretary – Emma Spring

Greeting and signing up new club members. Taking receipt of both Branch and Headquarters subscriptions and dealing with monthly membership returns to the membership department at BSAC Headquarters.

Training Officer – George Davidson

George Davidson
Organises theory and practical training for members of the club. Maintains records of current qualifications and progress towards future qualifications.

Boat Officer – Steve Gibbons

Responsible for organising the maintenance of club boat and its equipment

Equipment Officer – Mark Glowrey

Responsible for organising the maintenance of club diving equipment

Social Secretary – Grace

Organises and promotes club social events and meals.

Comms – Nic Denby

Maintains the club presence in social media, writes website articles and generates PR for the club. Maintains the club website and email distribution lists.