There are a few things to organise so that the club runs and does diving, training, has a boat and has a good time. The committee is elected each year to take care of these. Here are this year’s lucky crew.


Cameron Blackwell – Chair of committee. Responsible for general organisation

Diving Officer

Sarah Turpin
Sarah Turpin – Oversees all diving and responsible for safety

Training Officer

Chris Hegarty
Chris Hegarty – Organises theory and practical training

Equipment Officer

Liz Jackson – Responsible for maintaining the club diving equipment

Boat officer

Nick Levesque
Nick Levesque – Keeps the club boat running

Membership Secretary

Stephen Turner
Stephen Turner – Contact for new members, renewals and club publicity


Leszek Kowalski
Leszek Kowalski – Newsletters, web site and publicity


Tim Watson
Tim Watson – Pays the bills and keeps us in the black


Emma Spring
Emma Spring – Keeps records and minutes, writes any letters

Social Secretary

Steph Down
Steph Down – Organises club socials and meals