Joining Putney BSAC

If you’re interested in joining Putney BSAC, whether you’re new to diving and want to give it a go, or you’re an experienced diver looking for a new club to join then these pages will tell you a little bit about our club and how you can become a member. If you want to ‘take the plunge’ why not contact us directly by emailing us at [email protected]¬†or get in touch via our social media channels.

Note: We welcome all ages and abilities of adults however we’re afraid the club cannot currently cater for under-18s
unless they can be fully supervised at all time (including underwater)

What We Do – what we get up to as a club, what you as a member could be taking part in

Learning to Dive – if you’re new to diving and would like to give it a try, this pages explains how you do that with Putney BSAC

Training – details of all the training available within Putney BSAC

Becoming a Member – information on how to join Putney BSAC and what benefits membership gives you

If you’d like to speak to us to find out more visit our Find Us page to find out how.