Tenerife – March 2013

Things we have learnt from this trip:

  • Beer in Tenerife has alcohol in it (Rob, Brian, John and Darren)
  • Don’t go trekking in £1.50 Primark sandals
  • Don’t drink till 04:30 and dive at 09:00 you won’t remember it (I know I dived my computer says so)
  • Best time of year to go last week (Karl told us)
  • Tie room keys to John’s wrist (he will not find them in his pocket at 02:30)
  • Don’t punch long spine urchins
  • If your told a steak is large by Karl expect it to still have the head and tail on it.
  • A vegetation meal is not pork chop chips and veg with the pork chop removed.
  • Do not sit sunbathing with a shadow under your chin (it looks silly)
  • Take a good torch on a night dive. It helps.
  • We have a new motto “take nothing but photos leave nothing but bubbles and if an octopus goes under a rock get a crowbar and we will get the f****r.”
  • Don’t use a wet suit if you have the runs.
  • Don’t sleep in a dive centre if we are coming you won’t like the photos taken.
  • Do not ever EVER EVER go to a karaoke bar with John, Sasha or Brian.
  • Go with people you like and who like you! Counts me out of all trips…..

THANKS All for coming you lot made it a great trip…..