Isle of Wight – September 2012

Wightdiver, Isle of Wight 1 Wightdiver, Isle of Wight 2

The dive trip to the Isle of Wight started off well; we made the short drive down to Southsea near Portsmouth early on Saturday morning where we met our skipper Roy on the boat WightDiver. The weather was fantastic, the sky was clear and the sea was calm. However, Roy informed us that the good weather was not to last and Sunday’s diving was cancelled due to force 6 winds. So we decided we better make the most of Saturday’s diving to compensate for the lost day. However upon descending to a depth of 18m we discovered the sea had the consistency of pea soup and we couldn’t see more than half a metre. It felt like a night dive. We endeavoured to make the most of the dive and there was a lot of life down there, if you could find it. Some had a good dive; some of us didn’t, it really depending upon the quality of your torch!

Another dive trip compromised by the unreliable British weather, but we still had a great weekend away and took full advantage of the opportunity to sample the exotic nightlife of Southsea. I hope we return to dive the Isle of Wight again, the dives should be fantastic with better visibility and you can’t beat the convenience of how close it is to Putney.