AGM 2017

Putney BSAC convened for our Annual General Meeting at the beginning of November, giving us a chance to look back at our achievements of the past year and inject some new energy into the coming year.

Sarah, our Diving Officer, gave a summary of our diving this year; almost 200 dives logged as a club totaling 5.7 days underwater!
A great testament to the effort all our members put in to organising trips. We also heard from our other committee members, highlights of which include:

  • 12 new members joined this year
  • New kit is being in the process of being bought to improve our offering to trainees
  • Our boat is now in working order with a shiny new propeller
  • Two members completed their Open Water Instructor (well done Simon & Tim)
  • Three members completed their Ocean Diver (well done Emma, Steph, & Ingid)
  • A total of 85 pool and open water lessons were taught, alongside O2 admin, boat handling, and drysuit courses, all in house. Many thanks to all our instructors and organisers for making that happen.
  • Our online presence is ever improving, with stronger search result positioning, growing website (doesn’t it look nice as you’re reading this?),and greater presence on social media – like us on Facebook if you haven’t already!
  • We’ve had an active social calendar alongside our diving; with meals, film nights, pool games, Christmas dinner, and of course our regular – Tuesday night pub sessions.

After the reports we moved onto the important activity of the evening, election of our new committee. It gives great please to introduce you to the new team:

  • Chair – Cameron Blackwell
  • Secretary – Emma Spring
  • Training Officer – Chris Hegarty
  • Kit Officer – Liz Jackson
  • Boat Officer – Nick Levesque
  • Social Secretary – Steph Down
  • Membership Secretary – Stephen Turner
  • Communications Officer – Leszek Kowalski

Diving Officer is decided by the committee at their first meeting, Sarah was re-proposed at the AGM.

The annual awards were next, a great opportunity to recognise members for their achievements, but also mishaps! Photography awards went to Stephen Turner (UK Prize) and Michal Benko (Abroad prize).

Emma won the PSAC award for Diver of the Year for her strong determination in completing her training, and Leszek was awarded Club Person of the Year for his commitment in developing our online presence and enthusiasm in organising of trips. He narrowly beat Steve, who was nominated for his relentless and long lasting support of the club. My favourite award, the Skomer Claw for mishaps whilst diving, went to Liz for jumping off the boat with her drysuit open. Simon came a close second for taking his car keys diving and almost having to call the AA.

It was a great evening with lots to celebrate and lots to look forward to in the future. Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude to the outgoing committee members, who have worked so tirelessly over the last year, and also to the HYC for use of their facilities.

All the best,

Your (new) Chairman