More oxygen administration

Following the first O2 Administration course in January, two Putney SAC and two Cosmos SAC students got together at HYC on 24th Feb along with the emergency oxygen kits of both clubs and a couple of resuscitation manikins. We tried to keep the stubbornly inert manikins alive and found out what makes an effective rescue breath and chest compression. We assessed apparent casualties and diagnosed put on symptoms. We delivered life giving oxygen and learned that the cylinder should be turned off properly when not in use.

Hurlingham Yacht Club very kindly allowed us to use their club house again and we are very thankful.

Over the two courses, 12 divers are better prepared for some of the things that could happen on a bad day. If anyone else with Ocean Diver qualification level has not done this course in the last two years, you really should let your Training Officer know as a refresher is due.