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Pembrokeshire Dive Trip

3 August 2014 - 9 August 2014

Monday 4th August  diving for 5 days.


Friday 8th August. Last days diving followed by barbeque /get drunk.

Saturday 9th August  drive home with big hangover


Dive Pembrokeshire UK

The boat is licensed for up to 12 divers and is coded for up to 60 miles off shore.
There are toilets, cabin and galley on board, with refreshments being served all day long.
A stop is made for lunch out at sea, usually by one of the islands, where you can watch the seals or puffins at play.
At the end of the day we fill the air tanks for you and drop them back to the marina the next morning for you.
The boat will have its own Dive Marshall which will log you in and out of the water.

The dives

Diving from our 36 foot Bullet offshore hard boat called Predator, we dive some of the best sites in Pembrokeshire offering a wide range of sites to suit everyone. We have discovered many reef dives as well as an excellent drift dives which will take you across a rocky outcrop containing lobsters and octopus. Suitable for all levels, large or small groups.

Some of our dive sites are the Lucy, Smalls, Grassholmn, Stockholmn, Skomer, North Wall, Hen & Chicks, Marie Reef, Rye Rocks, Highpoint, and Gateholmn Drift. Let Dive Pembrokeshire UK look after you, your safety is our main concern.

Depths range from 8 metres to 40 metres, which would be a wreck called the Lucy. Most other wrecks are within 20 metres making them ideal dives with plenty of bottom time. Most of the time we will choose slack waters for you, but delayed SMBs must be taken on all dives.

You will be fully briefed on all dive sites when we get there, as to the depth, detail of the dive, direction of current, hazards and time etc.

Follow this link for the dive sites.


loads of walls reefs and wrecks.

If your to lazy to follow the links here is a few of the sites.

Lucy Wreck. Wreck. 51 44`27″N 05 16`33″W

here are nearly 40 wrecks within easy reach of the launch sites here. My favorite wreck, and that of many other visiting divers too, has to be the 450-ton two-hold Dutch coaster, the Lucy. This 168ft long vessel sank in 1967 with a cargo of calcium carbide (used in making acetylene gas). Having struck Cable Rock in the middle of Jack Sound on Valentine’s Day, the 7-man crew and one Collie dog promptly abandoned ship to avoid the results of the sea water/calcium carbide cocktail they had produced.

The Marie Reef.

The Mari reef is one of the best reef dives we have found, it starts at 8 metres and drops to over 30 metres, with caves and hundreds of gullies to explore. It is ten times better than Stack Rocks and about four times as big, better than the North Wall and Junkos Rock. We saw stuff that we have not seen on other reefs, Nudibranches, Blennies, Dog Fish, Conger Eels, Sea Squirts, like the Aplidium punctum, Peacock Worms, many different kinds of Star Fish such as the Bloody Henry, hundreds of Sea Urchins, Dead Mans Fingers, Sea Fans, Lobsters, Sponges, Cotton spinner, Fan Worms, Compass jellyfish, Moon jellyfish, Sea beard, Burrowing anemone, Devonshire cup coral, Jewel anemone, Sea orange, Axinella dissimilis, Breadcrumb sponge, Elephant sponge, and the beautiful Actinothoe sphyrodeta, a white anemone. What a great dive, vis was 15 metres and we drifted over the reef at the end of our dive and just looked down on it with amazement. Position only known to Dive Pembrokeshire.

The Smalls

The Smalls are also known for its seals, as they are lie all around the rocks. They are quite tame, not seeing many people, they become quite inquisitive and will follow you around under the water and play with your fins. You need to stay still in the water and wait for them to come up to you. They get so close you are even able to stroke them.

There are areas between the rocks where between dives you can snorkel. Swimming between some of them you will be able to see the seals along the bottom looking up at you

Sheep Island.

A small reef in the bay which has some green Nudibranches, as well as a few seals. Vis can be good and the area is sheltered from any north winds. Lying off Sheep Island is a landing craft at 30 meters. This vessel is dedicated as a war grave. On the east side of Sheep Island there are some gullies tucked in the bay. Here you may well find seals among the rocks. A place worth a look. There is an outer reef that has some very interesting gullies to explore

Beckies Reach.

A garden of wonder with amazing colours to be seen everywhere you look. Lobsters, Spider Crabs, Edible Crabs, Dogfish, Peacock Worms, Elephants Sponge, Yellow Borney Sponge, Branching Sponge, Spiny Starfish, Leopard Spotted Goby, Sea Cucumber Pollack, Rose Coral, Sponges ranging in many colours the size of footballs and the list goes on. The depth is about 15 to 20 meters., and there is usually a drift southwards if you dive her at about one hour before LW Milford Haven.

Grand Canyon

An area of amazing marine life, covered in Sea Urchins, Sponges and Dof Fish. There are gullies and walls all over the reef and very difficult to plan out. On the south side it drops to 30 metres but most of the reef is at 15 metres. In one hole I saw a Crawfish which was 3 feet long! I left him alone and I hope others that dive this site do too, he wont be brought up on any of our boats.


3 August 2014
9 August 2014
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