February 2021 Socials

February took advantage of the amazing zoom talks that BSAC put on and PSAC Diving Cards Against Humanity was born.

We started with dialling into the specialist BSAC talk on “Launching and Recovering a Rhib” (something that is super relevant to our club) with a social afterwards. The following week, PSAC members joined the BSAC talk by John De Lara on The deep wrecks off the southern UK coast.

Lot of amusement was had when Helen, PSAC social secretary, created a diving version of the well known game Cards Against Humanity. Thank you to Helen for coming up with this great idea, something that MKSAC loved too when they gave it ago at their social! We finished February with a quiz by our DO Michal that tested our knowledge of all things diving!

Credit: Nic ( PSAC Comms Officer- Social Media & PR)