Selsey – October 2012

Darren, Radek, John and I all went to Selsey (via Bognor) and had a great drift dive in amazing tides. Not totally planned as such as the original site in Bognor had the gates closed and we couldn’t get in on slack water so decide to drift dive instead. Nevertheless, after much deliberation and a fair few miles of extra driving and landing slip hunting we entered the water.

Darren and I saw very little life, apart from each other, but we did have a very fast drift and really got into the groove and had a very relaxed dive despite the very fast current.

John and Radek went in after us and we looked after the RIB. Unfortunately, I told John (sorry – lucky John) that he would see nothing and if he managed to catch a fish I would buy him a beer…. £4.10 later! Not only did I buy him a beer he won a scratch card off the back of it for another free beer.  I hope the place tasted good John and you didn’t chock on the bones (or the scratch card :-)) (see his face book page for picture. How does he do it? John no doubt will be giving lessons in due course on how to catch a fish with a knife in a 4 knot current….!)

It was great to get the Rib in the water and despite the initial issues over dive site we pushed on and had a great dive and a fantastic day. I haven’t laughed so much for months!