AGM 2014

The club held its AGM on 18th November at the HYC. The AGM is the only formal club meeting of the year when all the members get together to review the past year, nominate who will be looking after the club for the following year, plan for 2015 and also reward achievements and contributions to the club by individual members.

This year the annual Putney BSAC awards went to:

Club Person of the Year – Philippa Davis

Philippa won for the fantastic job she did as both chair of the club and membership secretary. She always put the effort in to introduce new members to the club ensuring they an enthusiastic welcome, as well as providing a leadership presence for the whole club.

Diver of the Year – Tim Watson

Tim won this award for the enthusiasm he has shown throughout the year for diving and the efforts he makes to attend as many dive trips as possible.

Photographer of the Year – Steve Gibbons

Steve won for the fantastic photo he took of a turtle swimming through a school of fish in Sipadan, which you can look at here

Skomer Claw – Steve Gibbons

The Skomer Claw is given to the club member responsible for the funniest incident of the year. Steve had several incidents for which he was nominated for the award, but it was jumping into the water at Vobster with his drysuit undone that clinched the award for him, which was particularly funny as he was the instructor that day.


One of the key functions of the AGM is to elect a committee for the upcoming year. This year we can welcome two members who are joining the committee for the first time, Dale and Sarah.

Our committee members for 2015 are:

Chair Philippa Davis
Diving Officer Nick Levesque
Training Officer Sarah Turpin
Membership Secretary Dale Rogerson
Communications Tim Watson
Treasurer Michal Benko
Secretary Iris Wang
Boat Officer Darren Jones
Social Secretary Tor Parkinson
Equipment Officer Steve Gibbons

West Bay – September 2014

A number of keen divers made the trek down to West Bay on 5th September for what was some of the most amazing diving weather of the year!

On both days the water was glassy and the sun shining, and it was a great day for some of our more recent trainees to complete their first ever hard boat dive. Although Steve thought the great weather might lead some divers to have unrealistic expectations about future weather on dive trips.

The semi drysuit divers seemed to cope with the warm sunny weather where as all us dry suit divers were huddled in the one bit of shade on deck, a very unusual occurrence on a UK diving trip, but welcomed all the same.

Unfortunately we had the usual kit malfunctions and with the help of the wonderful skipper Slim, from West Bay Diving, we were able to beg borrow and steal enough kit to cover the bits that some left behind! I won’t point fingers at anyone

We managed to do two great dives on the Baygitano and the vis was very kind to us. Michal managed to pick up a number of nice scallops on the dive. We also did two drift dives that were interesting and also practiced DSMB deployment in the open water.

We stayed at the Parkhaven caravan park, which was a new experience for some, but actually the location could not have been better as it was a short walk away from the harbour and plenty of room to dry and store gear.

We did learn however that in West Bay, you need to book tables at all the restaurants, otherwise you end up having to queue for ages at one of the fish and chip huts that ultimately run out of food before you get to the front of the line. Fortunately, some of us did find a shop that was fully stocked otherwise, there would have been a number of very hungry divers roaming the streets of West Bay!

All in all a very successful and lovely trip and one that I know that we hope to repeat next year!