Selsey Lifeboat Station

Last Saturday we set out to visit the Selsey Lifeboat Station on the south coast. The plan was to start the season with an easy dive and it was a success.

Some divers claim to have seen colourful things and others claim to have found treasure, but I’d argue that the most memorable thing to take away from this trip was the absolutely delightful lunch provided by The Seal Pub – I’d go back just for that.

Many thanks to Liz who went through the effort of producing a seemingly flawless plan and to Mulberry Divers for providing a wealth of local knowledge. Thanks also to those who helped get the bewildered new divers down to the location with everything they needed, the club’s community spirit shined bright on this day.

Pool Olympics

The Pool Olympics took place this week at our usual Putney Leisure Centre swimming pool. The object of the event is to compete in a few ridiculous games for the grand prize of a box of chocolates. The word olympic is said to be a misleading magnification of the event’s true nature.

This year’s turnout saw the Dolphins compete against the Geriatrics with a mix of Putney BSAC and Cosmos BSAC in both teams. Continue reading Pool Olympics

Teaching oxygen administration

Eight members turned up to today’s oxygen administration and basic life support course.

This one-day course is designed to teach the administration of oxygen as a means on increasing the effectiveness of First Aid treatment of diving accidents. Oxygen treatment takes place on the surface – either on a boat or dry land. This course gives confidence to divers so they can assist with a diving-related injury.

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